I hate to see a promising endeavor miss its opportunity to touch people due to poor presentation.
— Briaan L. Barron

Briaan L. Barron brings diverse experience, vibrant taste and an affinity for underrepresented voices to her work as a marketing & branding professional.

She currently serves as Senior Brand Manager and designer for jcoco, a culinary-inspired chocolate brand with a mission to fight hunger in the U.S. In 2016, Briaan launched Branding By Bri: a blog, consultancy and design firm built to provide tailored branding and marketing services to purpose-driven entrepreneurs. She has since evolved the platform into a popular Instagram channel and workshop series to help first-time founders and thought leaders of all disciplines harness the power of holistic branding.

Humanities Scholar

The route to her career as a creative marketing professional began with academia. Briaan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, where her interdisciplinary education spanned African-American Cultural Studies, Media Arts & Theory, Documentary Filmmaking, and Global Agriculture & Policy. She became a published scholar twice over by the time she was 22 years old, with work featured in Callaloo: Journal of African Diaspora and Columbia College’s Watercooler Journal.

Self-taught Designer

While pursuing her education, Briaan sought opportunities to translate her drawing hobby into a knack for graphic design. From working a campus job in a digital media laboratory to practicing Adobe Photoshop in her spare time, Briaan pooled her resources and stretched her capacity to hone her graphic design skills without formal training. By the time she graduated college, she was earning extra income designing marketing materials for creatives and small business owners.

Intersectional Marketer

Interning with notable entertainment companies like Viacom and Ruff Ryders throughout college sparked Briaan’s interest in the fast-paced, innovative landscape of pop culture industries. The work inspired her to champion media literacy and galvanize brands to think critically about the way their content reflects multicultural populations. After one semester at Boston University pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film & Television Studies and teaching Communications 101 to first year college students, Briaan opted to put her education into practice by entering the workforce in the marketing industry.

Over the past six years, Briaan has influenced and driven cross-channel marketing initiatives in the nonprofit sector, the public sector and the corporate sector, always with a penchant for humanizing big businesses and amplifying small ones. Outside of the office, Briaan aims to be an example of candor, competence and compassion for her peers and followers.