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Briaan L. Barron

Briaan L. Barron is a brand strategist, content creator and designer working to humanize big businesses and amplify small ones. She has spent over a decade building her knowledge base in communications, entertainment and visual storytelling, working and learning under corporations like Ruff Ryders Entertainment and MTV Networks.

As a champion for media literacy, Briaan galvanizes brands to think critically about the way their content will be received by today's digitally-savvy, multicultural populations. She has a background as an American Culture and Media Studies scholar and a passion for multi-media storytelling, which inspires her to approach marketing from a human-centric lens.

Briaan strives to build brands, for both products and people, that are anchored by cultural competence and polished aesthetics.


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 Podcast Episode 6

Podcast Episode 6


Book Learnings

Sarah Lawrence College

Bachelor of Arts | Liberal Arts

Bronxville, NY

Boston University: College of Communication

Master of Fine Arts | Film & Television Studies

Boston, MA

Seattle School of Visual Concepts

Ad Design & Art Direction

Seattle, WA










Truth + transparency

I believe in brands that cut the fluff and speak from an authentic place.

cultural resonance

I believe in brands that are attuned to the pulse of the cultural climate.

Sound Strategy

I believe in brands that consider the details of every touch point when engaging their audiences.








bold + refined

I believe in brands that take visual risks, because minimalism is not the only way to achieve a tasteful look.


I believe in brands that understand the impact of color psychology. 


I believe in brands that draw inspiration from moments, memories and experiences. 


let's talk

If you'd like to get in touch with me about hosting a workshop, speaking at an event, participating on a panel or all other partnership inquiries, email me at Please Note: I am not currently accepting new brand design or strategy clients.

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