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I nerd out about branding & marketing,

then put my expertise into plain terms for new founders, talent & influencers


Hey, y’all! My name is Briaan (pronounced bree-awn), but you can call me Bri. As a rising brand strategist and designer, I specialize in helping folks refine their narratives and polish their aesthetics to create more connected relationships with their target audiences through modern modes of communications. My intimate workshops and personal strategy consulting services take the jargon and guesswork out of premium, results-driven branding. Below the fold, I’m a shameless homebody floating in flux between good taste and trash TV (balance, am I right?). Stick around a while for tips on branding or for my musings on lifestyle topics. If you want to take any of these conversations offline, you can book me to speak at your next event or host a workshop! There’s a lot more to my story, though. Click the button below to find out where I’m coming from.

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